Saturday, 9 November 2013

Room 14's River Trip

Today room 14 went to the wavy river. I saw some big logs and it smelt really bad. We stepped in yucky mud and we saw a dead fish.

By Mehki

Eli's River Adventure

Today our class went to the river to look at the flood. I saw the gooey mud. There were lots of logs, sticks and leaves. Then we came back to school.

By Eli

Seth's River Adventure

This morning room14 went on an adventure. We went to the Wanganui river. I saw some sticks and logs in the river and it was smelly.It was muddy and the river was moving fast.

Monday, 2 September 2013

We Have Computers!

Last week we got computers in our classroom. We had to learn how to log on to them and we have our own special password. Mrs Larsen came in and showed us how to get Little Alchemy and we went on Sunshineonline and listen to stories. We were so excited and we can't wait to use them more.


Monday, 19 August 2013

A visit to the Life Education bus

We went to visit Harold the giraffe. It was amazing. We learnt about feelings. It was funny when Harold told us a joke. We got to watch a video about a boy called Billy who moved to a new place. He had to go to a new school and we talked about how he would be feeling.


Monday, 29 July 2013

Our Dance

Our dance showcase was amazing. We looked great in our black and white hats. We danced to the music of Shake your Tail Feathers and Wipeout. It made us feel very proud because we worked hard to learn the dances. We loved watching all the other dances, especially Room 15's dance, they were spectacular. Michael's Grandad made us a gigantic whale and we used it in our dance. Kahu (our buddy from Room 15) was the person inside the shark and we think that he did a great job. Our families loved watching us dance.


Welcome back everyone! I hope everyone had a great holiday. This term our Inquiry focus will be about being "Happy and Healthy." We will be learning about feelings, being unique, being a good friend and the qualities and attitudes we require to be Happy and Healthy. We will also become scientists later in the term when our Inquiry focus will be based around science. Another busy term for the Splash Zone boys!

Monday, 1 July 2013


Next week our school is having a Dance Showcase. Our Inquiry this term has been about dance
and all the different styles there are. Our topic was 'Why Dance?' It was hard choosing dances
we were going to do as we are an all boys class. We have been practicing our dances alot.
We are excited and nervous. Keep watching this space to find out next week how it all worked out.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Mehki's Befunky

First we had to go on Befunky and made funny pictures of us and the first one I made was the orange one. I liked making all of the pictures different.

Logan's Befunky.

First I had to go on BeFunky. I got my photo taken by Mrs Larsen. then we chose different kinds of themes. I had to do 4
pictures then saved it and printed it. This is mine. I felt excited when I made my BeFunky.

What is coming up!

This has been a busy term and there are still lots of things happening at school. On Friday this week it is Wheel's Day, so don't forget to bring your skates, skateboard or scooter to school. We are also learning two dances that we are going to perform at our Dance Showcase which will be held at the end of this term. It is quite tricky learning to dance, especially keeping in time with the music. We chose dances that we could do without a partner. There is going to be lots of practicing happening in our class for the next couple of weeks. Watch our Blog because we might even add some photos.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Be Funky

In our buddy class we made a Befunky. First we needed to get a picture with Mrs Larsen. When we finished taking our photos we went in and went to our buddy and started to make our be funky on the computer. This is mine and I think it looks great.

Our Matariki Celebrations

We visited the Cosmodome at the Museum and we got to see Matariki, Puanga and Tautoro in the night sky. We learnt about why Matariki is important and that it signals the Maori New Year. We used really old tools from the museum to prepare the ground for planting which was really neat. When we got back to school we created pictures of our family using a koru design, carved pumice, made poi and got to try to use rakau. We did this with our buddy class, Room 15. We really enjoyed it and hope we do it again.

Monday, 13 May 2013

My Wordle

We went to room 15 and we had to write words to describe our holidays. Then our buddy helped us make a Wordle. This is my Wordle and Josh my buddy helped me create it.


My favourite game is rugby because I like tackling and trying to get a try. I play in a team with lots of my friends.
 The game I like to play is line tag. We try to get to the other team and we play paper, scissors, rock when we meet another person on the line to see who is out.

I like to play tag on the field with my friends.

My favourite game is ripper rugby. You have to try not to get your tie ripped off you. Mehki

I like basketball because when you play sport you get fitter. Michael

Thursday, 11 April 2013


I made a wild self  in room 15 with my buddy. I liked making a wild self because we got to pick what to put on it. I put a lion's mane on it, eagle legs and gorilla arms on it too. The last thing I put on it was
bat wings. This is the Wild Self I created.



We were shown a photo in our class of a forest that had a sign that said 'A Secret hides in this Forest.' We thought about what it could be and these are our ideas.

1. Hidden Treasure (gold)
2. A rare wild animal (never seen before)
3.Real dinosaur bones (discovered for the first time)
4. A gigantic spider (oooh, that wouldn't be so good because our teacher is scared of spiders)
5. The last dinosaur (so they are not extinct, how neat would that be)
6. A secret village (that nobody knows about where people live)
7. That the trees come alive (and move around)
8. A real dragon (it might only be a little one though)
9. A real gingerbread house (we all thought this would be really neat because you could eat it)
10. A real garden gnome (one that cares for the forest)
11. A giant bird (a real giant bird, a really big one)
12. A moose with golden antlers (we had just read a book called 'MOOSE' written by Robert Munsch and it was really funny so we thought a moose with golden antlers would be quite neat hiding in a forest.)
13. A talking tree (imagine that, walking past a tree and it spoke to you!)

We really enjoyed using our imaginations to complete this blogging challenge.
Written by The Splash Zone

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Last night we had a Boys Night Out. This was when some of our parents came to see all of the work we have done in the first term. My family were proud of my behaviour goal and all of the work I have done. I hope we do it again. I had so much fun.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


When you are searching for images, pictures, photos on the Internet you need to be sure that you are following copyright laws. In this weeks blogging challenge we are using images that we are allowed to. We hope you like them. The images you are allowed to use are ones that you have permission from the person who took the image or you need to acknowledge the source of the image.
What you looking at?
Photo Credit: Omar Eduardo via Compfight cc

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

My Avatar

Last week we made Avatars with our buddies in Room 15. We had to go on WeeWorld and we had to choose clothes we wanted and our hair, eyes, shoes to make the Avatar look like us.
Written by Kaleb

What to do with a holey sock!

WOW! What could you do with a sock that has a hole in it. These are our 10 ideas.

1. Make a sock puppet and add eyes, mouth and nose.
2. Tie the holey end in a knot and use it as a purse.
3. Use it as a glove.
4. Use it as an oven glove.
5. A leg warmer.
6. Use it as a wind sock - to check the direction of the wind.
7. Use it as a guinea pig, rabbit or pet rat jersey.
8. Use it for a curtain tie back.
9. As a bag holder for clean, used plastic bags.
10. Make a pinata.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Guess what, we have just had 1000 views on our blog. Go The Splash Zone!!! Yeehaa!!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Swimming lessons at the Splash Centre

We are extremely lucky to be having free swimming lessons at the Splash Centre. We have been put into groups and are learning new swimming skills. Some of us are learning how to breathe properly and others are learning how to go under the water. We are really enjoying these lessons. A big thank you to Swim for Life and Sport Whanganui for arranging these valuable lessons for us.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

10 People We Would Like To Meet.

If we could meet anyone in the world, alive or dead, who would they be and what would we ask them. We decided on the people below. 1.Piri Weepu - How hard is it to lead the Haka? 2.Johnny Depp - What movie have you enjoyed acting in the most? 3.Spiderman (the actor) - What did it feel like wearing the Spiderman costume? 4.Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter actor)- If you could really be a wizard would you like to be? 5.LMFAO (A band) - How do you learn the dances? 6.The Queen - What is it like to live in a castle? 7.Richie McCaw - What is it like to be a famous All Black? 8.Dan Carter - How did you get to be so good at kicking and rugby? 9.The coach of the All Blacks - How do you know how to train them and what to teach them? 10.John Key - What did you have to do to become the Prime Minister of New Zealand?

Tuesday, 26 February 2013


In the Splash Zone we have been learning about ourselves and other people in our class. We made a class quilt that shows what we look like, our favourite sport, our families, our favourite place and other things. We used crayon and a black vivid to outline our pictures. Our quilt is now up on our classroom wall and we think it looks fabulous. We are also sharing 'Our Treasures'. Our treasures can be something that is really, really special to us and/or our family. Mrs Steedman brought in her dad's diary that he kept when he was in World War II. It is really special to her because he was writing in it before she was born. The diary is really old. We are going to take photos of our treasures and post them onto our blog. We can't wait.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Welcome to The Splash Zone

Welcome to Room 14's Blog. Our classroom is called "The Splash Zone" and in our classroom we have a sun shelter, a pool chair, a beach umbrella, and a big blow up whale! Please watch this space for updates on what is happening in The Splash Zone.