Monday, 10 November 2014


It is windy today but we are all trying hard and competing in a range of activities. There is long jump, high jump, vortex, sprints, quoits and long distance running. Here are some photos.


The whole senior team walked from school all the way to Virginia Lake, it was a long way. When we got to Virginia Lake we did lots of things. We spotted little ducklings, goslings, fungi, all sorts of birds and even a TURTLE! It was an amazing day. We want to go back there for another adventure.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Today we went to the museum and we learnt about Matariki. We learnt how to use rakau and it was tricky. We are going to practice at school. Matariki is a group of stars and Puanga is one star. Matariki means the Maori New Year which begins in June.

Written by Haze

Monday, 16 June 2014

Hockey Lessons

This term we have been learning skills in hockey. We have learnt how to dribble, pass, tackle and trap the ball. We played lots of fun games like rob the nest (using hockey sticks and balls) which was alot of fun but really hard. We loved learning about hockey and playing the game.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Mufti Day

Today it is Mufti Day. I got to come in my skate t-shirt instead of my uniform. Mr Rivers came as an army person. Everyone that doesn't wear a uniform had to come in one. Lots of teachers were wearing the Carlton School uniform. It was funny.

Written by Calani

Wednesday, 21 May 2014


This is some of our artwork. We used collage to create our names. It was quite tricky cutting out some of the letters that we needed. We looked at an example first and then had a practice making our own.


This week we have been learning to do collage. Some people in Rm 1 have made a great name collage.  

Monday, 12 May 2014

Term Two in Room One

We have been learning about what 'disabilities' are. We found out it is when someone has a disability like not being able to walk. In our class we are finding out about New Zealand sign language. Some of us can already sign our name.
Written by Eli

Monday, 14 April 2014


Yesterday Room 1, Rm 15 and Rm 4 went for a trip to the museum, Memorial hall and Queen's Park to learn more about the war and Anzac Day. My favourite part was learning about the war. I learnt that the war went from 1914 to 1918 so it went on for years. I also saw a Mauser gun. 



In Room One we have been learning all about Anzac Day. We have been reading stories, looking at websites, and asking our families about it. We have found out a lot of information about Anzac Day and what it means. Yesterday we visited the Whanganui Museum and went to the Memorial Hall and Queen's Park. It was the best school trip yet! We learnt about the War and what it meant to people. We will remember them.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Serving in Tennis

Today we have been learning to serve in tennis. We had to practice throwing the ball up with one hand and catch it with the other. It was tricky.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Sea Week

We learnt all about caring for the sea. We went to the beach and picked up rubbish. Room 15 our buddy class came with us too! We found lots of rubbish. We think that people should not leave anything at the beach that could hurt sea creatures and sea birds.

Beach Trip

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

What has been happening in Room One

We are so busy in our classroom. We all have computers and we have been writing stories, reading blog posts, doing Khan Academy, learning our spelling words using Spelling City. Phew! Here are some pictures of what we have been doing. We have also had a whole school water fight where we were against other houses. Even some of the teachers joined in. It was great fun and really nice because it has been so hot.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Creating our own Blogs

Today we learnt how to create our own blogs with our Room 15 buddies. We cannot wait to share these with you!