Sunday, 24 June 2012

Going to the Marae

Yesterday I went to the marae and  I
rode my scooter then I had McDonalds for tea. I liked going to the Marae.
By Nyssa

Our Surprise

When school started I walked into class and suddenly I saw a huge enormous Orca Whale sitting up on the top of my class room. I felt very excited then I looked up at the wall and I saw a green stingray. It was spectacular and I felt even  more excited. Mrs Steedman came in the room and said that our class is now called H20 Extreme!!! I felt very excited with that name. 
By Keegan and Boston

My Trip

It is my lucky day because I am going to Australia. I am going with my uncle because I am going to see my Gran and Pop. I am excited.
By Tyrone

My Special Day

I went to the Celtic las night because it was my birthday. I had ice-cream too then we got a movie. We watched the movie then I went to sleep. I loved my day.
By Mazariah

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Our Assembly Item

We had an assembly item two weeks ago. We chose the story called 'Peacock gets a job' because we thought that Peacock used persistence (one of the Habits of Mind) when he tried all the different jobs. We really enjoyed our performance except Mrs Steedman said we shouldn't have laughed so much! We are going to put the video of our performance on our Blog so that everyone can watch it.