Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Gathering Data Through All Senses

Yesterday Ada and I went outside to take some photos of things we could use our senses for.We both took 2 photos each. I took a photo of an acorn and Ada took a photo of me smelling a plant.The senses are touch, sight, smell, taste and sound. We are learning about the Habit of Mind, gathering data through all senses.
I was using my sense of sight to look at our new drop off bay.  

I used my sense of smell to smell the plant. Ada you took a great photo using the camera.

Using our Senses

Yesterday Mackenzie and I went outside and used the camera to take pictures of things that we might use our senses for.Our senses are touch, sight, taste, smell, sound. We took photos of things you could touch, sight and smell. I took two and Mackenzie took two.We were doing this to be succsessful like the band Evermore.
I was using my sight and smell senses. You took a fantastic photo Mackenzie!

We couldn't see the acorn in our hand so we put it on the ground. Mrs Steedman thinks this is an amazing photo too.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

How to make a post.

Step1: Capital letters at the start of a sentence
Step2: A full stop at the end of a sentence
Step3: Write a sensible sentence
Step 4: Save it as a draft
Step4: Get it checked by the teacher before you publish it


How to be the best.

You have to use all of the Habits of Mind.    

The Olympic Rings

In Room 9 our Inquiry focus is about the Olympics. We didn't know what the rings meant and we thought alot of different things. We used Google to find information and we learnt that:

  • The rings represent the five continents that participate in the Olympics.
  • The continents are Asia, Europe, The Americas, Africa and Oceania.
  • At least one colour of the rings can be found in every countrie's flag that participate in the Olympics.