Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Duffy Assembly

This is a video of our recent Duffy assembly. Our seniors performed a Haka Powhiri to welcome our guests. Our guest speaker was Mr Henare O'Keefe.

My Trip To The Moon

When we were going to the moon we suddenly...flew into a meteor shower.  I saw a shooting star on the way out of  the  meteor shower. When we got to the moon I almost fell into a crater.There were cute little aliens on the moon. There was a race to the moon that is why we were going. At first I was last but when I got the hang of it I was first!
By Skye

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Our Purple Paintings

Our buddy class painting experience.

Our buddy class is Room 15. They came to visit us and it was Purple Day so they thought we might like to do finger painting with purple paint! We worked with our buddies and had lots of fun. Mrs Steedman thought the whole room was going to turn purple! Luckily it didn't. We enjoyed getting to know our buddies.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Our Adventure Day.

We went on an adventure here at school. I saw a butterfly. The butterfly was a Monarch butterfly. We saw lots of interesting things lying around the place. I could of showed Mrs Steedman but... it got away. I saw the butterfly when we were by the dark trees.

Written by Ada

Our Bubbles.

We made bubble blowers using pipe cleaners. Then we went outside and blew bubbles. Some were big and floated up really high. We liked blowing bubbles but we didn't like it when they popped in our eyes.