Wednesday, 20 March 2013

What to do with a holey sock!

WOW! What could you do with a sock that has a hole in it. These are our 10 ideas.

1. Make a sock puppet and add eyes, mouth and nose.
2. Tie the holey end in a knot and use it as a purse.
3. Use it as a glove.
4. Use it as an oven glove.
5. A leg warmer.
6. Use it as a wind sock - to check the direction of the wind.
7. Use it as a guinea pig, rabbit or pet rat jersey.
8. Use it for a curtain tie back.
9. As a bag holder for clean, used plastic bags.
10. Make a pinata.


  1. Dear Splash Zone,
    We loved your holy sock creations. Carson liked the oven mitt. Cole liked the sock warmer.
    We loved your blog. Our blog has the same holy sock challenge so come visit our blog at
    Carson and Cole.

  2. Dear Splash Zone

    I thought your holy sock creations where very creative.
    I have a conection with the idea of a jersey for your pet because my brother has a pet rat and when we did that blog challenge I had an idea for an idea of a sweater for his rats.
    You can see our class sock ideas at

    1. Thank you for making a comment on our holey sock ideas. We think your blog is great. From Lucas/ The Splash Zone

  3. Dear splash zone,
    your class sock creations were great!
    Our favorite idea from your list was a small pet jersey.
    Do you have one favorite idea?
    Our class did the same challenge.
    We did not have any of the same ideas as you.
    Come visit us and see are sock creations at
    Charlotte and Ayden.