Thursday, 7 March 2013

10 People We Would Like To Meet.

If we could meet anyone in the world, alive or dead, who would they be and what would we ask them. We decided on the people below. 1.Piri Weepu - How hard is it to lead the Haka? 2.Johnny Depp - What movie have you enjoyed acting in the most? 3.Spiderman (the actor) - What did it feel like wearing the Spiderman costume? 4.Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter actor)- If you could really be a wizard would you like to be? 5.LMFAO (A band) - How do you learn the dances? 6.The Queen - What is it like to live in a castle? 7.Richie McCaw - What is it like to be a famous All Black? 8.Dan Carter - How did you get to be so good at kicking and rugby? 9.The coach of the All Blacks - How do you know how to train them and what to teach them? 10.John Key - What did you have to do to become the Prime Minister of New Zealand?

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  1. Dear Splash Zone
    On our list we have the Queen too.
    We were wondering who Piri Weepu is and what is the Haka? How many students are in your class?
    Please visit us at
    From Livea and Blake