Tuesday, 26 February 2013


In the Splash Zone we have been learning about ourselves and other people in our class. We made a class quilt that shows what we look like, our favourite sport, our families, our favourite place and other things. We used crayon and a black vivid to outline our pictures. Our quilt is now up on our classroom wall and we think it looks fabulous. We are also sharing 'Our Treasures'. Our treasures can be something that is really, really special to us and/or our family. Mrs Steedman brought in her dad's diary that he kept when he was in World War II. It is really special to her because he was writing in it before she was born. The diary is really old. We are going to take photos of our treasures and post them onto our blog. We can't wait.

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  1. Dear Splash Zone,
    We liked your list of top 10 people. Our class did a top 10 list too. We also had the Queen on our list. Our question was almost the same as yours. We were wondering who Piri Weepu is. Could you tell us.
    We live in B.C. which is far away from you. Visit our blog at to see our list.
    Carson and Violet