Thursday, 11 April 2013


I made a wild self  in room 15 with my buddy. I liked making a wild self because we got to pick what to put on it. I put a lion's mane on it, eagle legs and gorilla arms on it too. The last thing I put on it was
bat wings. This is the Wild Self I created.



We were shown a photo in our class of a forest that had a sign that said 'A Secret hides in this Forest.' We thought about what it could be and these are our ideas.

1. Hidden Treasure (gold)
2. A rare wild animal (never seen before)
3.Real dinosaur bones (discovered for the first time)
4. A gigantic spider (oooh, that wouldn't be so good because our teacher is scared of spiders)
5. The last dinosaur (so they are not extinct, how neat would that be)
6. A secret village (that nobody knows about where people live)
7. That the trees come alive (and move around)
8. A real dragon (it might only be a little one though)
9. A real gingerbread house (we all thought this would be really neat because you could eat it)
10. A real garden gnome (one that cares for the forest)
11. A giant bird (a real giant bird, a really big one)
12. A moose with golden antlers (we had just read a book called 'MOOSE' written by Robert Munsch and it was really funny so we thought a moose with golden antlers would be quite neat hiding in a forest.)
13. A talking tree (imagine that, walking past a tree and it spoke to you!)

We really enjoyed using our imaginations to complete this blogging challenge.
Written by The Splash Zone

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Last night we had a Boys Night Out. This was when some of our parents came to see all of the work we have done in the first term. My family were proud of my behaviour goal and all of the work I have done. I hope we do it again. I had so much fun.