Thursday, 11 April 2013


We were shown a photo in our class of a forest that had a sign that said 'A Secret hides in this Forest.' We thought about what it could be and these are our ideas.

1. Hidden Treasure (gold)
2. A rare wild animal (never seen before)
3.Real dinosaur bones (discovered for the first time)
4. A gigantic spider (oooh, that wouldn't be so good because our teacher is scared of spiders)
5. The last dinosaur (so they are not extinct, how neat would that be)
6. A secret village (that nobody knows about where people live)
7. That the trees come alive (and move around)
8. A real dragon (it might only be a little one though)
9. A real gingerbread house (we all thought this would be really neat because you could eat it)
10. A real garden gnome (one that cares for the forest)
11. A giant bird (a real giant bird, a really big one)
12. A moose with golden antlers (we had just read a book called 'MOOSE' written by Robert Munsch and it was really funny so we thought a moose with golden antlers would be quite neat hiding in a forest.)
13. A talking tree (imagine that, walking past a tree and it spoke to you!)

We really enjoyed using our imaginations to complete this blogging challenge.
Written by The Splash Zone

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