Monday, 29 July 2013

Our Dance

Our dance showcase was amazing. We looked great in our black and white hats. We danced to the music of Shake your Tail Feathers and Wipeout. It made us feel very proud because we worked hard to learn the dances. We loved watching all the other dances, especially Room 15's dance, they were spectacular. Michael's Grandad made us a gigantic whale and we used it in our dance. Kahu (our buddy from Room 15) was the person inside the shark and we think that he did a great job. Our families loved watching us dance.


  1. Dear The splash zone,

    I wish I could the dance, from your post it sounded like heaps of fun and you had a ball!!! You must be very good dancers.

    Sometime you should come and visit our blog.

    From Marie

  2. Hey Room 14. I loved your dance It was SO cool. And I loved your outfit they were cool.

    Michaels sister,